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Gutta Percha Points
  • Gutta Percha Points
  • Gutta Percha Points
  • Gutta Percha Points
  • Gutta Percha Points

Gutta Percha Points

Detailed description
Dental gutta percha points

Gutta Percha Points. 
- are made of highest quality Gutta Percha.
- are the most precise and resilient product with excellent Radiopacity.
- are flexible and pliable,yet stiff enough to be inserted into the root canal.
- are world best quality by specially managed total inspection system on the conditions of tolerance 0.049mm(ISO tolerance 0.07mm)
It is a dental material which do not irritates tissues and periapical areas.
It is possible before filling the root canal.
Don't autoclave or heat sterilize 
Store in a cool area. 
Contains: Gutta Percha, Zinc Oxide Barium Sulfate, Coloring Agent
According to ISO standard, identify different types of gutta-percha point in terms of the top color. Gutta-percha point with scale is convenient for clipping, filling, X-ray radiopacity and it is helpful to identify filling effectiveness. Also, it is hard and resilient and can be easily filled into tooth, with accurate size. Tip of gutta-percha point is curved.


Packaging & Shipping

Package: Slide Pack, Individual Tube Pack

For difereent size:120pcs/box;150pcs/box;200pcs/box ;60ps/box;


Shipping: International Express